Don't Leave Your Dog Home Alone All Day

He'll have a blast at our dog daycare center located in Superior, WI and serving clients in surrounding areas

When you're working all day, you may not have time to play fetch with Fido. At Silverwood Petcare, we provide a fun and safe place for your dog to play all day while you do what you need to do. Please note that all dogs admitted to our dog daycare center must be friendly with people and other dogs, must be spayed or neutered if they are 6 months and over and must be up to date on all shots.

Contact us today to arrange for dog care services in Superior, WI.

Our dog daycare center features:

  • An outdoor play yard where your pup can spend tons of time running around.
  • A jungle gym, so your pup can have fun exercising.
  • A separate small dog and large dog room, so your dog can safely make new friends.
  • Open, social playtime in small packs, so your dog won't get overwhelmed.
  • A huge selection of dog toys, so your pup can play the way he likes to.

Call 715-398-7188 now to arrange for dog care services in Superior, WI. We serve clients in all surrounding areas.